Hi, I'm Gwin, Graphic Designer

Found this on the interweb...It's sooo true!
Today officially marks the end of the first month since my store has been in business, and I am happy to report that it was a surprisingly successful month. As an artist and designer, there is always a bit of trepidation when you put out a product. There is that feeling of insecurity, the belief that every one else is better than you, and that constant fear of rejection. When I received my first order, I was beyond elated, it was a moment of validation. I knew that at least one person in the world liked my work, and for me that was enough. To my surprise 30+ orders later, and that feeling never gets old. My customers have also been amazing, they always email me kind words of encouragement and it inspires me to make the next product better than the last. Quite honestly, I feel lucky to have found that thing that many people spend a lifetime looking for, something I'm good at. I spent much of my adolescent and twenty something years in denial, running from my passion for art. Whenever I would tell people I wanted to be a designer, they looked at me as if I had told them I wanted to become a serial killer. If I managed to get past their look, I would then hear "Artist only make money when they're dead." As if we were in some kind of 14th Century Renaissance. It was after much soul searching that I decided to stop caring about what people thought, and admit to myself that this was the career that was going to make me happy. So with great pleasure and assertiveness, allow me to introduce myself...Hi, I'm Gwin, Graphic Designer.

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